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The Cornell Collective 17


In this, the final episode of The Cornell Collective, Paul explains why he has decided to finish the podcast, looks back over the show with Producer Dave and picks his fantasy guest line up. Thank you to everyone who has listened to the show. Your support has been hugely appreciated.

The Cornell Collective 16


This month Paul is joined by novelist and comics writer Adam Christopher, comics writer, artist and actor Jessica Martin, TV writer Chris Lunt and novelist Adrian¬†Tchaikovsky. Together they discuss how their other careers have influenced their work, how writing for different mediums has improved their skills, writing tie in fiction and the importance of Terrance…

The Cornell Collective 15


In this edition Paul is joined by TV writer Margaret Dunlap, artist and illustrator Sarah McIntyre and novelist John Scalzi. Together they discuss difficulties and lack thereof in writing dialogue, the campaign to see illustrators given due recognition for their work, branching out into non genre work and embarking into the wonderful world of YA.…

The Cornell Collective 14


Paul is joined by comic writer Nick Abadzis, TV writer and novelist Melinda Snodgrass and novelist Mark Tompkins. Together they discuss the whether hard sci-fi is due a resurgence in the current climate, the difficult second novel and what work they would like to have written. There were some occasional audio issues during this recording.…

The Cornell Collective 13


Paul is joined by comics writer Marguerite Bennett, TV writer Stephen Volk and novelist Joe Abercormbie. Together they discuss the materials they used to make comics as children, the texts that inspired them at 12, how they see genres that they write in and their best and worst interactions with fans. You can follow Marguerite…

The Cornell Collective 12


Paul is joined by novelist Gareth Powel, novelist and comics writer George Mann and games writer Rhianna Pratchett. Together they discuss their breakthrough moments in writing, feeling imposter syndrome when outside of their usual medium, the influence of William Gibson and Raymond Chandler on science fiction and hidden references in their work. You read more…

The Cornell Collective 11


Paul is joined by novelist Peter Newman, narrative designer Carrie Patel and comics writer Rob Williams. Together they discuss story writing for video games, how their partners support them in writing, online harassment and goat soap. You can follow Peter on Twitter, listen to him on Tea and Jeopardy and find out more about his…

The Cornell Collective 10


Paul is joined by Wolfblood creator Debbie Moon, novelist Sophia McDougall and comic artist Rachael Stott. Together they discuss interacting with younger audiences, the early influences on their work and the continuing difficulties that women face in genre. One guest is fashionably late, who is it and how late are they? You’ll have to listen…

The Cornell Collective 09


The Cornell Collective is live from Gallifrey One in Los Angeles. Paul is joined by writer Simon Guerrier, comedian Joseph Scrimshaw, comics artist Chris Jones and podcaster and editor Deborah Stanish. Together they discuss a variety of frivolous topics related to Doctor Who. The give classic stories new series style titles, ponder who in the…

The Cornell Collective 08


In a slight departure from the usual format Paul is joined by a group of pundits from the genre world. Entertainment journalist and comics educator Dani Colman, Special Editions Editor for SFX and Total Film Rosie Fletcher, book blogger and reviewer Michaela Gray and Geek Syndicate podcast co-host David Monteith discuss what comics, films, books…

The Cornell Collective 07


In a festive edition of The Cornell Collective Paul is joined by Spider-Man and Silver Surfer writer Dan Slott, novelist Una¬† McCormack and Doctor Who producer Derek Ritchie. Together they discuss the things they like to watch over the holidays, the projects that they would like to work on if they had the chance and…

The Cornell Collective 06


This month’s edition of The Cornell Collective is a celebration of the current series of Doctor Who. Novelist Jenny Colgan, screen writer Jamie Mathieson, Marvel Comics Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort and writer and podcaster Liz Myles join Paul to discuss their favorite episodes of the series. Plus they discuss the issue…

The Cornell Collective 05


Paul is joined by novelist Lou Anders, comic artist Emma Vieceli and TV writer Joseph Mallozzi. Together they discuss their origins as geeks, the influences on their recent work and moments where they have embarrassed themselves.   You can find out more about Lou’s work on his website and you can read more about the…

The Cornell Collective 04


Paul records this episode of The Cornell Collective live at BristolCon and is joined by Emma Newman, Cavan Scott and Jaine Fenn. Together they discuss positive and negative convention experiences, the joy of people cosplaying as characters they have created and what it is like to party with George R R Martin. You can find…

The Cornell Collective 03


Paul’s guests for episode 3 are novelist Una McCormack, TV writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach and comics writer Joe Harris. Together they discuss writing tie-in fiction and whether or not its standing in the industry has improved, what they would like to be remembered for, tie-in fiction written by Booker prize winners and choosing work based on…

The Cornell Collective 02


Welcome to the Cornell Collective. Paul’s guests are novelist Chuck Wendig, comics writer Leah Moore and YouTube presenter Christel Dee. Together they discuss people who have made them starstruck, being recognised by strangers, how parenthood affects pop culture consumption and how to bluff your way through not having actually watched Breaking Bad.   You can…

The Cornell Collective 01


Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Cornell Collective. Paul is joined by television writer Peter Harness, who talks about adapting Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell for the screen and says what he can about his work on the upcoming series of Doctor Who; novelist Diana Rowland who explains how her background in law enforcement…