The Cornell Collective 01

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Cornell Collective. Paul is joined by television writer Peter Harness, who talks about adapting Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell for the screen and says what he can about his work on the upcoming series of Doctor Who; novelist Diana Rowland who explains how her background in law enforcement has informed her work and how she regularly embarrasses Paul at San Diego Comic Con; and comics writer Si Spurrier talks about his creator owned project The Spire, his new title for Image comics and reveals Spurrier’s First Law.

Find out more about Paul’s new creator owned title This Damned Band

You can find out more about Diana’s work on her website and on twitter

Peter’s adaptation of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is out now on Blu-ray and he is also on twitter

Buy Simon’s creator owned comic The Spire and learn more about Cry Havoc. Si is on twitter and tumblr