The Cornell Collective 06

This month’s edition of The Cornell Collective is a celebration of the current series of Doctor Who. Novelist Jenny Colgan, screen writer Jamie Mathieson, Marvel Comics Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort and writer and podcaster Liz Myles join Paul to discuss their favorite episodes of the series. Plus they discuss the issue of sexism in the show, Jamie gives some insight in to his earlier drafts for The Girl Who Died, Tom talks about the influence Doctor Who has had at Marvel, Jenny teases her work on the 10th Doctor and Donna audios at Big Finish, Liz explains why she is writing a book about The Ambassadors of Death rather than The Time Monster and even Producer Dave pops his head out from behind the curtain briefly.

This episode contains spoilers for Face the Raven and some mild spoilers for Heaven Sent. There will be a signal to let you know that spoilers are coming.

You can read more about Jenny’s work on her website and you can also find her on Twitter and Facebook

Jamie has a blog and can also be found on Twitter

Tom is on Tumblr and Twitter

Liz can be found on her blog and Twitter. She can also be heard talking more about Doctor Who on Verity! and is a regular co-host of the Blake’s 7 podcast Down and Safe. Her book on the Ambassadors of Death is park of the Black Archive series.