The Cornell Collective 16

This month Paul is joined by novelist and comics writer Adam Christopher, comics writer, artist and actor Jessica Martin, TV writer Chris Lunt and novelist Adrian Tchaikovsky. Together they discuss how their other careers have influenced their work, how writing for different mediums has improved their skills, writing tie in fiction and the importance of Terrance Dicks.

You can find out more about Adam’s work on his website, you can read an excerpt of Made to Kill and find out more about the novella Standard Hollywood Depravity. You can also follow him on Twitter.

You can find Jessica’s comics work at ArtyMiss Publishing and follow ArtyMiss on Twitter, read more about her other work on her website and follow her on Twitter.

Chris can be found on Twitter

Adrian has his own website and can be found on Twitter. His Clarke Award winning novel is Children of Time and the novel he mentions on the podcast is Guns of the Dawn

We would like to thank Erika Ensign for her invaluable assistance in producing this edition of the podcast. If you don’t already, follow Erika on Twitter and listen to her on Verity! and the podcasts she appears on in The Incomparable network